It’s that time again…. a couple of quick ones in time for Jason Renshaw’s Hallowe’en Lesson Plan Challenge.

The first worksheet is a set of questions to get them in the mood – there are four different question sheets with spaces to add extra questions. Students can circulate and make notes, then report back to their original team (language practice – reported speech “Tomomi told me that…” / most of / the majority of / almost everyone said that…). I have a stable pdf version, but if you’d like to play around with it there is a word version too.

Next is a pair of urban legend readings. You can cut them up and have groups of students work together to put one of them in order (good for noticing structures and organisation). Then students can tell one another the story they completed.

truck driver hallowe’en story (pdf)

university students hallowe’en story (pdf)

If you want to add local place names and personal touches to give the students an extra chill, you can use these word versions.


Uni Students

Finally, I have written before about the Kuchisake-onna, one of my favourite urban legends. Students can read about her, and her little sister Toire no Hanako, in these two short passages…

kuchisake onna and toire no hanako.

However, after the readings A and B put their papers aside and compare information. Can they find the nine differences?

destroy all monsters!

Happy Haunting……

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