An Interview with Alan Firth from darren elliott on Vimeo.

I recently met Dr. Alan Firth at the JALT National Conference in Hamamatsu, Japan. If you are not familiar with his work you should probably start with his articles on reconceptualizing SLA, written with Johannes Wagner and published (and critiqued) in the Modern Language Journal. Dr. Firth has a background in conversation analysis, which he still employs as a tool to research communication between English as Lingua Franca users in non-classroom based settings. Amongst other things, we also discussed the development of SLA as a field and the relationships between research and teaching. Please watch and enjoy!

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2 Thoughts on “An Interview with Alan Firth

  1. Many thanks for this – a really interesting interview. It’s great to get a wee insight into the world of applied linguistics and hear a bit about how it’s seen to relate to the work we do with learners and also how it’s developing and changing.

    Lots to think about!


  2. Carmel McGill on March 18, 2013 at 10:34 pm said:

    I want to TEACH ELF; how & where can I get certified? If over 1 million people are using Lingua Franca wouldn’t it make sense to have teachers?
    Please advise, thanks, Carmel

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