An Interview with Nicky Hockly from darren elliott on Vimeo.

I was very happy to talk to Nicky Hockly at the JALT National Conference in Nagoya, Japan in November 2010. She gave a fantastic plenary – well-paced, useful and pertinent – and if you get a chance, see her talk! If not, then this fifteen minute interview will have to do ; D

We talked about the online teacher training company Consulants-E, the obstacles teachers face in implementing technology, mobile learning and all manner of other geeky stuff.

You can follow Nicky on twitter at @TheConsultantsE , and I also recommend How to Teach English with Technology and Teaching Online

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3 Thoughts on “an interview with nicky hockly

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  2. My undercover spy tells me that you were at ETJ at the weekend, so hoping for some more!

    I think the other comment on this post is spam (though I didn’t click on the link).

  3. As Shaggy would say….”Wasn’t me!”

    But I will be at the JALT National conference in Tsukuba in a couple of weeks, and hope to do a couple there. I also have about four interviews in the can to post – just waiting for approval, and time to get myself organised.

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