Well, after the last post it turns out I did absolutely nothing all summer… at least, nothing related to work. I had a lot of fun though, and thoroughly recharged my batteries with friends and family in England. I haven’t blogged or tweeted anything of note in all that time, and I am straining at the leash to catch up! Now I’m back in Japan in the office for the first time in over a month (albeit in shorts and a t-shirt) sitting at my desk and making lists about all the things I need to do before the new semester starts in just over two weeks.

One of the things I need to do is get ready for the Chubu Junior and Senior High School Teachers’ Seminar 2010 on the 26th of this month, at which I will be presenting. If you know anyone who might be interested, pass it on, and keep an eye on the blog for a write up nearer the time. The theme is ‘Collaborate to Motivate’ and it should be a great event, with Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto and Chuck Sandy amongst the headliners. As a fitting nudge back into the world of work, the flier for the seminar popped up on my ipod on the penultimate day of August, courtesy of Helsinki airport’s free wi-fi, as I broke the long haul flight between London and Nagoya. 

This month marks a year since I started this blog, so expect to see a few more posts as I get back on the horse. Hope you missed me!

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Trying to get the podcast versions of the interviews off the ground – there are now four available for download as mp3 audio files, either manually from this blog, or via the one-click iTunes subscription up in the top corner of the sidebar there. There will be more to follow, as I edit the audio files I have. Hopefully, by the summer I will be caught up enough so all interviews will be available simutaneously as audio downloads and video streams.

I’m still interested in interviewing teachers via skype…my details are on the ‘about’ page up there….

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