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2016 02 20 Recast Recycle Remix Multiliteracy Approaches to Cultural Understanding

Understanding how India Education System works – Primarily, education, becoming a necessity, has become an extremely expensive commodity today. Fees are charged by numerous institutions. As per education has to be provided as a mandatory and free service but it generates profits. The recent increase in the fee structure of IIT can be mentioned as an example. State financed institutions are partly or completely privatized for the lure of money. Moreover, is a preconceived belief that privatization provides amenities for students. This has made the education system a flea market.

Second, the present schooling system exerts the prestige gap between the wealthy and the inferior. Financially students that are abundant, contrary to those inferior, have usage of tools. They can tap into opportunities and reach greater social standing. The technique is skewed in the direction of the richer.

It’s thought to be one of the significant flaws in the system. Students regurgitate from the examinations and mug the contents up. Therein lies the question of whether the education system instills learning within them.

Students have lost the ‘love of learning something’. It kills their character of curiosity. This, in turn, hampers thinking skills and their creativity. Innovation can never blossom from a system. Innovation and creativity will be the drivers of the economy that is knowledge-based that is present.

An efficient education system ought to teach the value of lifelong learning rather than immediate satisfaction from achieving high marks. Leadership, stress management, Time management and skills aids in the learning procedure. These skills are critical to confront the cut-throat competition in the world of today.

India is among the biggest producer of engineers on the planet. However, engineers’ quality is bad and by some estimates of technology, graduates are employable. Parents have a view that career choices are the ones that are most viable. Educational institutions maintain their motive and concentrate on with a one hundred percent job placement rate. This has forced students to take a seat. A wide assortment of career opportunities is found in these fields. Equal importance has to be given to all the growth of a nation would be lopsided.

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