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Empowering Teachers for Tomorrow

While on a trip to my old school in our hometown, I remember my old teachers and the days that I spent in this old school. The building hasn’t changed much and the old canteen has not in fact changed at all. The old school bleachers are still there and the basketball court has not really changed much too. In fact, it needs some painting job.

While other professions are developing in their field, allowing them a more luxurious life, owning high-end cars and gearing them up with the best car amplifier in the market, teachers are burnt out trying to keep their teaching practices at par and making both ends meet. Our teachers are left out, they need support, development, and better wages.

A Realization for Teachers

A lot has changed since I left this school, but regardless, this school has made me into the person I am now. This school and my old teachers – they were the mentors who helped make my life meaningful. Indeed, teachers have an important role in unlocking children’s talents. I was thrilled to see my teachers again after a long time. My trip to my old school made me realize the importance of teachers and to encourage more teachers for our future generation.

It also came to my realization the hardship that teachers go through to survive a whole year of teaching. A day in a life of a teacher is both fulfilling and challenging but with the rate that teachers are being paid now, we fear that we will be lacking more teachers in the future.

We have a new administration in the government, and the president is talking about bettering wages for the teachers and policemen alike. Bettering wages and creating a support system for teachers are essential in order to encourage more great teachers in the future. Without the right compensation and wages, expect to have a great decline in students taking up education. So we ask our government to empower teacher wages in order to encourage more teachers for our future generation.

How to strengthen support for teachers?

  • Explore ways of how we could reinforce support and growth for fresh new educators in the first years of their profession. This includes advice from knowledgeable personnel who understands what it is like to get started. To make it possible for this, the meeting suggests possibly prolonging the recently qualified teacher time period. This can provide new teachers time as well as support to develop their expertise and build their coaching style.
  • Allow all educators the opportunity to improve their knowledge through their profession and grow to be frontrunners in their discipline, without really accepting management obligations. This will allow clear and gratifying paths for more educators, that do not necessarily require exiting the classroom.

It would be nice for our present administration to empower the department of education for in order to improve the teaching practices by providing support and better wages. After all teachers are no saints. They too need the same support and development just as in any other profession in our community.

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