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Instilling the Importance of Mexican Revolution Among Students

After my trip to the Puerto Vallarta villas for rent, I have visited my old alma mater. They were celebrating 100th year Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. And so I decided to stay and witness the event. Afterall, it is not every day that we celebrate 100th year anniversary.

100th Year Anniversary Mexican Revolution

Mexico has celebrated their 100th year anniversary in 2010. Students, faculty and local community members come together to celebrate this major event of the Mexican culture.

“I think it’s always important to be open-minded and learn more about different cultures, especially in the area that we live that is so multicultural,” Rosendo Iniguez, event coordinator, said.

source: collegian


Prof Maria-Aparecida Lopes of the Chicano-Latin American Studies stated that the Mexican Revolution was obviously a movement that was established in 1910 and concluded with the development of modern day 1917 Mexican Constitution. She also stated that this historic event provided a fresh start to the Mexican land.

“The Mexican Revolution is one event in history that is really important, Everybody should know something about the Mexican Revolution because that was an event that changed Mexico [that also] affected other countries as well in Latin America.” – Prof Maria-Aparecida Lopes

source: collegian

In line with historiography, the Mexican Revolution could possibly be the most learned topic of all time.

The chair of modern and classical languages and literature, Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval, spoke for the event and also gave a speech about “Piramides y Revolutiones” (Pyramids and Revolutions) which integrated a short explanation of the Mexican Revolution and a somehow different viewpoint regarding it.

“I wanted to instill in students the concept of revolution. A revolution that I see is the following: For the most part, we in the Valley, as a society, do not concentrate heavily in giving credit to whom credit is due. Credit is due is to those who produce from the land.” – Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval

source: collegian

Pedro Ramirez, The Associated Student, Inc. President, also joined the big event to invite as well as motivate individuals to join the rally supporting the DREAM Act.

“The message I want to give is to get support for the DREAM Act and to get everybody in the community involved with the issue of immigration,” Ramirez said.

source: collegian

The students performed a funny play referred to as “Los Vendidos” (Those Sold) as a closing for the event.

As a teacher myself, it is important to look back in history. To let our students aware of what our forefathers have gone through to give us the freedom that we enjoy today.

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