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Proper Air Ventilation For Increased Learner Performance

The ideal environment for a classroom should encourage learning and discovery whilst remaining flexible for a various kinds of activities. Picking the appropriate window treatment can be of great help in promoting focus and lessening outside distractions. Modern classrooms gain from blinds and shades to decrease glare and to control incoming natural light and level of temperature level. Visit this link for Affordable Blinds offers top down bottom up blackout shades.

However, a steady flow of fresh air is necessary when establishing an effective learning atmosphere, bringing about a lot of benefits to both learners and teachers with regards to performance and comfort. A fantastic way to attain this is by installing school windows that are naturally ventilated.

Ventilated Classroom Benefits

Studies have revealed that learners have better performance if their classrooms are ventilated well. In 2010, a study by the University of Tulsa observed that there was an increase in learners’ test scores when fresh air was appropriately dispersed in the classroom. Other studies conducted in Netherlands, Scandinavia and Spain seconded these findings. Setting up a school windows that naturally gives ventilation is a helpful way of increasing flow of fresh air, hence creating a healthier, better, and more comfortable learning atmosphere.

In 2013, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducted a study into the ventilation of an elementary school in California. The study advise that poor air circulation in the classroom adds to higher rates of illness in learners. Increased illness brings about absences and more time away from school, which means that both a learners’ health and education suffer. So installing ventilated school windows could lead to health benefits in addition to educational benefits.

Proper Ventilating Means

Other than fitting specialized educational windows, there are other means of ventilating and controlling climate within a room, such as utilizing electric fans and air conditioning. Even so, in the long run these solutions aren’t cost-effective than naturally ventilated windows. Since energy cost is increased it then becomes harmful to the environment.

Because of these studies, there are now new guidelines for air quality in schools. This means that school heads, school estates as well as facilities and amenities managers will have to carefully plan and pay close attention at ventilation strategies for new buildings and renovation projects.

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